Who is behind Strata Climbing Walls?

My name is Rob Lamey, born and bred in Barry, South Wales. I began climbing at the age of 11 and have an undying passion for this incredible diverse sport. Having travelled extensively to such places as Costa Rica, Lebanon and Arctic Norway to climb, I’m never short of inspiration when designing the next climbing wall. For over ten years I have been self-employed building climbing walls all over the U.K., Ireland and even two large facilities in Spain. With climbing added to the list of sports for the 2020 Olympics, the birth of Strata Climbing Walls I feel is well timed, and I am excited to offer an affordable solution to make climbing accessible to all.

Happy Climbing


Where did the name Strata come from?

 Growing up on the Vale of Glamorgan Heritage Coast there is no shortage of rock, however many of these cliffs are not suitable for climbing due to their unstable nature. However, they are extremely impressive none the less reaching heights of over 100ft. The rock here is carboniferous limestone and has very distinct layering being a sedimentary rock, this layered appearance is referred to as stratum in geological terms or often used, Strata.

Environmental conscience

Rock climbing often takes us to some of the most beautiful natural landscapes on our planet, and this brings us close to nature providing an appreciation of its fragility. Here at Strata Climbing Walls we use responsibly sourced wood, buy our fixtures and fittings locally and recycle all packaging and off cuts where possible.