Climbing Walls

Climbing Walls

Lead and toprope walls provide that extra challenge to a traverse wall, with the added dimension of needing a rope for security. We use the best quality 18mm birch plywood mounted to a framework of glulam beams chosen for their strength and also visual aesthetics when left exposed. These materials come as standard on all our climbing walls, but from here on its up to you to chose the remaining features that will make your wall unique and allow you to add that personal touch. Bespoke features to choose from include:

  • Paintwork – colour, design and texture
  • Type of climbing holds
  • Wooden/fibreglass volumes to add that 3D element
  • Lead climbing protection points
  • Hanging safety matting
  • Auto belay facilities
  • Electronic speed climbing timers

Our lead and toprope walls can be installed either brick mounted or timber mounted.


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23rd April 2017