Traverse Walls

Traverse Walls

Traverse walls are the most cost effective way of providing a climbing facility. They can be built freestanding or along otherwise unused brick walls and often don’t require safety matting depending on climbing height. Ever popular in schools or at home in the garden, a traverse wall is the perfect starting point for an introduction into climbing.

A traverse wall can be installed predominantly in the three following forms:

Timber mounted traverse walls

A timber frame fixed to the existing building clad with ply (interior) or treated boards (exterior). This style allows for greater variety of climbing surface as it is possible to create different angles providing a more versatile facility.


Brick mounted traverse walls

Threaded inserts are glued straight into the brickwork of the building allowing climbing holds to be attached directly without the need of any added structure. An ideal method that doesn’t intrude a great deal on the existing space, as a wooden structure style traverse wall would.


Free standing traverse walls

An excellent addition to any garden or playground that does not require any existing structure, they can be installed virtually anywhere.

All traverse walls can be provided with a choice of safety matting.


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23rd April 2017